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Winner of Mom's Choice Award GOLD LEVEL


Modaff and Miff and Their Two Sided What Ifs


About Modaff and Miff

Have YOU ever had worries that turned into WHAT IFS? If your answer is yes then you'll love to read about Miff. Miff is a sweet little giraffe who just can't seem to shake off his worries and what ifs. But with the help of his best friend Modaff, along with his own courageous attitude, Miff learns that there is always another side to a what if. Join us as we take a journey into Miffs what ifs as big or small and as silly or serious as they may be! For more fun with Modaff and Miff, go to


“This is a great book.  If you have anxiety it helps you because it tells you a bunch of different ways to get over your fears.  Even if you don't have anxiety it's a fun book to read”

“Modaff and Miff has been my biggest inspiration. It has taught me how to cope with anxiety with the best techniques possible, and has shown me that anxiety does not have to be a barrier that blocks you from living your life. This books illustrations are just beautiful and such a cute read! So glad I found this book!”

“Best book I have ever read.  Amazing message and illustrations. We have all faced situations like these.  I wish I would have had a book like this when I was growing up.”